The Cosmic Kin.

Leveraging alpha for asymmetrical returns without dilution.

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The Cosmic Kin is a DeFi platform that provides holders with sustainable exposure to the asymmetrical returns of high-value alpha investments.

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Taxes —


A 3% tax is applied to buy and sell orders, which is used to fund various initiatives, including alpha investments, marketing, and project development.

Supply —

1 Trillion

The Cosmic Kin has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 $EXO tokens, with a circulating supply of roughly 2% less due to community burns.

Utility —


The treasury is responsible for various initiatives including alpha investments, marketing, and project development. Specifically, 1.5% of transaction tax proceeds are allocated to alpha investments, and 1.5% to marketing, project development, and liquidity pool.

Alpha Proxy

We source opportunities from incentivized partners in a way that benefits our holders, promotes chart stability, and rewards alpha hunters.

Proxied Alpha

The treasury invests in high-value alpha from trusted partners and exercises responsible profit taking at optimal times based on an AI-trained algorithm.  To incentivize partners, we give in return 5%-10% of the investment gains depending on their previous involvement with the Cosmic Kin.

Community Submitted

The treasury invests in Projects already launched that are submitted and voted on by the community. The project with the most votes from the community is invested in. Following the investment, profit is secured via protocol guidelines that respect the longevity of the invested project.

Protocol Projects

The Cosmic Kin will launch sister projects that will be run by members of the team or community and utilize protocol resources, and taxes from these projects will go to the treasury.

Community Alpha

Community alpha-hunters can receive 20% profit share for submitting alpha projects through the alpha proxy.

For example, a holder submits a contract pre-launch that generates a 5x return off a $10k initial investment, they would receive a $8k disbursement ($50k position -  10k initial * 20%) as a reward for sourcing the investment.

Holder Dashboard

Coming Soon

Track EXO investments
and rewards.

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Track your wallet positions
and trading activity.

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AI market analysis
and trend monitoring.

Cosmic Values

We are inspired
by those who are driven but lack
the resources.


Cosmic Values

We are driven
to question the current way of thinking.